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Cheryl Miller is a Wellness Strategist, Life Coach and Founder of the Fairchild Wellness Retreat.  A firm believer in the ethos of “small town strong,” Cheryl is never one to back down from a challenge. She single-handedly coached herself to stop smoking, become more self-assured, and launch two successful businesses. She’s been living a wellness lifestyle for years, and with programs like her popular Serious Self-Care “Insta-Kit,” Healthy Habits e-book, and Harmonious Home series, she offers gentle guidance and foolproof tips for making life just a little bit healthier and a whole lot sweeter.
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Cheryl has been described by peers, clients, and colleagues as non-judgmental, curious, funny, practical and warm-hearted. Her openness and willingness to meet people where they are has helped many to face life’s challenges head on and make meaningful shifts in a relatively short period of time. She lives in health and harmony with her two dogs, Toby and Sophie, her three-legged cat, Dixie, and Riley, the rambunctious kitty.  When she’s not tending to her raised-bed vegetable garden and 15 fruit trees, you can find Cheryl baking scrumptious fruit pies in her small town country kitchen.
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Cheryl’s gracious presence at the Fairchild Wellness Retreat is quiet and comforting. She is capable of giving individuals the time and space they need, but is equally available to converse generously and listen reflectively to her guests. Cheryl’s years of coaching and professional knowledge make her the quintessential caretaker of this lovely environment and proprietor of such beauty and calmness. Her compassion and energy radiate throughout the gardens and patios of this historic home and wellness retreat.

On the professional side, Cheryl is an exercise physiologist, wellness strategist, and life coach.  She is the former director of an award-winning wellness program for 80,000 employees, dependents, and retirees.  Cheryl has an M.S. in Exercise Physiology and Community Health and an M.A. in English.  In 2003, Cheryl founded www.CherylMillerVille.com offering resources for healthy, happy living . . . in this lifetime.  She has written numerous ebooks and ecourses and has been called “one of the most innovative wellness coaches in the industry.”  For several years, Cheryl has provided monthly wellness training programs for Alternatives EAP.

Cheryl regularly plans group special events and seasonal workshops, and can help you custom design your very own special retreat. Visit the workshops and special events page or learn about wellness retreat options here.


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