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stretch & strengthen

weekly classes

Yoga and fitness classes at the Wellness Center are available for retreat guests (complimentary). If no classes are scheduled during your visit, no problem! I’ll lead one just for you.

If you are lucky enough to live in Overbrook or within driving distance, you can drop in on a class anytime. The regularly scheduled classes listed below are all held at 401 Oak Street (one block west of the library).

gentle yoga
for all

Hatha yoga classes are designed for men and women of all ages and fitness levels.  The focus is on fun, safe, effective exercise.  The simple poses relieve aches and pains, improve flexibility and balance, relax your mind and body, and reduce stress. We also use a yoga swing like a prop for 20 to 25 minutes of class.  Corpse pose in a yoga swing is divine.

senior fitness
to feel your best

Open to all generations and fitness levels. No special clothing is needed, and you don’t need to bring a thing with you. This class is safe, fun, and comfortable with lots of benefits:  reduced aches and pains, better ability to bend and tie your shoes or twist and look behind you, and an easier time getting out of the tub or up off the floor. Plus, you’ll improve balance and steadiness on your feet.

What you need to know
to participate in our classes

Wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes like T-shirt, sweats, leggings, shorts. For seated fitness classes, come as you are! No special clothes needed.

Bring a yoga mat – or use one of mine until you decide that the yoga class is for you.

No need to bring anything for our senior fitness classes!

Your instructor is Cheryl Miller, M.S., an exercise physiologist, wellness expert, and life coach. Cheryl took Hatha yoga instruction from Margaret Fast for 10 years and taught yoga for state of Kansas employees for 5 years. Learn more about Cheryl here.

Enjoy the benefits! Improved posture and range of motion, increased energy and strength, lower stress, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Check with a physicianIf you have health challenges or an injury, ask your doctor if you can do gentle yoga or gentle seated fitness. Ask if there are any special adjustments we need to work with.

A note from Cheryl…

Nervous about attending any of these activities? Bring a spouse, friend or neighbor. Or come and I’ll be your friend. Expect a safe and fun exercise experience. Super comfortable atmosphere–everyone is welcome.

Call if you have questions, 785-665-7777 or call/text 785-640-4059


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