Guest Welcome Guide

Arrival / Departure

Let me know what arrival and departure times would be most convenient for you and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

Directions / GPS

401 Oak Street, Overbrook, KS  66524, 30 minutes from Topeka and Lawrence, KS and 1.5 hours from Kansas City, MO

Parking at the Retreat

If there will be multiple cars, please keep my neighbors happy by parking in the three spaces provided in front (facing the wellness center) or in the back driveway via the alley.  You may also parallel park in front of the retreat.

Key / Entry

Upon arrival, you will receive a key/s to your private entrance and the north side entrance of the Wellness Center.   Both the Bunkhouse and Guest Suite can be accessed privately from the back alley driveway.  Come and go as you please.  Not handicap accessible but very few steps to the decks.

Wi-Fi & Internet

Access Wi-Fi and the internet using the passcode provided in various places throughout the property.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me if I can improve your stay in any way:


I have very friendly pets:  two cats and two dogs.  Toby is extremely gentle and friendly and loves attention.  Let me know if you’re not a fan of dogs and I’ll hold him at bay.  Sophie is a sweet little rescue Chihuahua. She’s friendly but timid.  Dixie is a three-legged strawberry blonde cat.  Very gentle and shy.  You probably will never see her.  Riley is a frisky gray and white cat that you probably won’t see either.   These animals sleep all day!

If you’re allergic to cats or dogs, you’ll be glad to hear that the Guest Suite, Bunkhouse, and Wellness Center are pet-free zones.

House Rules

  1. Please remove your shoes upon entering the Bohemian Bunkhouse. No need to remove your shoes in the main house.  My pets and I traipse in and out frequently and you might as well join us.
  2. Thankfully the retreat is located in a quiet neighborhood. Neighbors appreciate loud noises quieting down by 10:30pm.
  3. Smoking is outdoors only. Feel free to ask for an ashtray.  If you want to quit, ask me how.  I’m a trained smoking cessation coach.
  4. Please be careful to close the gate/s to keep the dogs safe. When I first moved here miss Sophie took off . . .  you know how Chihuahuas are.  Given an opportunity, they love to take off.  It may not ruin your stay but it would ruin mine.  So keep gates securely latched and double check each time.
  5. Children and young adults are welcome as long as parents keep an eye on them. There will be a damage deposit you can take out of their allowance.
  6. The Guest Suite and Bohemian Bunkhouse are pet-free zones in case occupants have allergies.

Laundry Facilities

You may use the washing machine and dryer located in the guest suite bathroom.  Laundry detergent is in the cabinet above the dryer.  Overbrook also has a great laundromat for bulky items.


  • Nearest Hospitals: Stormont-Vail:  1500 SW 10th Ave, Topeka, KS 66606, 785-354-6000; Lawrence Memorial Hospital:  325 Maine St, Lawrence, KS 66044, 785-505-5000
  • Fire Extinguishers:  Bunkhouse-in bathroom behind waste basket, Guest Suite-in pantry hallway
  • Smoke detector and carbon dioxide detectors: Bunkhouse – in kitchenette above cabinet; Guest Suite – in pantry hallway above hanger for pots and pans
  • Emergency Exits: Bunkhouse – door and windows, Guest Suite – door in bedroom, front door, kitchen door to deck
  • Emergency Numbers
    • Medical: 911
    • Fire: 911
    • Police: 911
  • Gas Shutoff Valve
  • Storm Cellar – Access door on the floor of the large back deck, by the grill. It’s clean and dry with bench swings for sitting.

Trash and Recycling

I recycle and compost.  I’ll have a recycle bin for single stream recycling of aluminum/tin, plastic, and paper.  And a separate one for glass that I take to the county site.  We have curbside recycling in Overbrook – What a town!