The Transformation

From disrepair to restoration to rejuvenation!

This historic home was saved for many future generations to continue to enjoy.  Daryl Nichol bought it when it was condemned and began major renovations in 1997.  I picked up where he left off in 2012.

Trees, Fencing & Floors

First we needed to clear an overgrowth of volunteer trees.  Because I love trees and don’t like to cut them down unnecessarily, I performed ceremonies all around the property.  The ceremonies included thanking the trees and bushes for their service, telling them of the new vision, and asking permission to move forward.

Next, I needed fencing to keep my dogs in the yard so they could run freely.  Refinishing the floors made all the difference.  Wood floors in four rooms were original to the home built in 1875.

Raised-beds, Fruit Trees, Butterfly Garden

I have 11 raised beds built in a fancy design, 15 fruit trees flanking the property and within the raised bed area, and a beautiful butterfly garden designed by Sandy Merrifield. We also planted many, many bushes, perennials, and annuals.



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